Minnesota is recognized as a state  where people choose to live and work because it offers the best opportunity for all to succeed, prosper, and live safely.

Create a government that enables our vision to become a reality.  Our state government must be practical, effective and efficient.  To do so, it must rely on the  principles of personal freedom and equal opportunity. It must be fair to all, but must also avoid the temptation of forcing equal outcomes for all.

Roger Chamberlain
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Change budgeting process; spending should be based on priorities and outcomes.
Reform and streamline regulatory process to reduce burdens on job creators.
Reform the tax system to reduce burdens on hard-working taxpayers and job creators. 
Reform regulatory process.  Reduce spending.

  Reform the tax code.
Welcome to my campaign website!  My name is Roger Chamberlain. 

I want to represent you, the hardworking taxpayer, not the special interests.  I am not a professional politician. I know that my experience in business taxation has been valuable in sorting through the tax regulations that have led to job losses in Minnesota.

While there are many important issues these days, I understand the need to set priorities in solving them. I will continue to focus my efforts on economic freedom by improving opportunities for job creators, career growth and relieving burdens on small business and hardworking taxpayers. The keys to fixing these problems are:

Where to vote
Election day - Tuesday,  November 6th