There are two competing visions for Minnesota - one celebrates human potential, and the other seeks to limit it.    
One vision, the vision I share, believes in putting people first, putting them back in charge.  It respects the inherent dignity of each person and trusts them to control their lives; a vision that creates opportunities for success allowing people to build something for themselves and a life for their families. It believes the source of our greatness is an empowered citizenry, to create value in their lives, to pursue their dreams and to find their own happiness.

The other vision puts government and elected leaders first; it is self-serving and unaccountable. It is a vision that doesn’t trust the average citizen. So government needs to control people, to direct and shepherd them through their lives making choices for them. It believes that through law and policy it can make people better
People should be able to live and work freely, without fear, and confident their rights are protected in doing so.

I am committed to following the truth, no matter where it leads, to protect people from injustice and abuse of power.
Roger Chamberlain
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and deliver happiness. They believe they know what is best for you and how to run your life. It is a vision that limits and diminishes each of us.

My vision is to put people back in charge of their lives. It includes restoring our reputation as a health care leader, creating a patient centered healthcare system, getting premium increases in check; empowering parents and educators, local control of schools, making sure every kid graduates high school prepared for the next phase of their life, and making sure you won’t be punished every April for your hard work.

We must regain control of our individual lives, our rights and remember again what it means, and what it takes, to be optimists and dreamers. In the end it is about your life, your choices and your dreams. My job is to safeguard these things for you, to make it easier, to give everyone a fair shot at living, choosing and pursuing their dreams. I will continue to put people first, and allow them to run their lives, while reducing and limiting the control government has over you and your family.

Election day - Tuesday,  November 8th